Enter a mysterious Malaysian metaverse.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with MYSverse, where fun, education, and Malaysian culture converge in our Roblox and beyond experiences. Dive into our diverse world of virtual adventures today!

...and more open experiences for everyone, coming soon!

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Our projects

MYSverse developers started off as volunteers passionate about delivering authentic roleplay experiences to the equally dedicated sets of the community. We aim to preserve that same concept moving forward, with the added focus on making those top tier efforts available to all players.


  • Lebuhraya Refreshed

    Released 2020, Refreshed 2023

    The most relaxing game in the MYSverse lineup lets players drive around in a variety of vehicles, and socialise with fellow drivers along a sprawling highway, in addition to police and firefighter roleplays.

  • Ruumah v3

    Released April 2024

    Iterating upon our annual tradition of virtual Raya celebrations, experience a festive open house set in an entirely new suburban locale, featuring food, culture and plenty of MYSverse community references!

  • Ruumah v2

    Released 2021

    An authentic kampung setting, replete with seaside, open house (tasty food!), and traditional celebrations, this exquisite embodiment of Malaysian culture unites every community member to gather during periods of festivities.

  • Daerah

    Coming 2024

    Taking place in a rural area inspired by the Sabahan district of Beaufort, this never-before-explored experience will be the basis of MYSverse's first significant step in offering gameplay freedom to all players, even those outside the community.

MYSverse Sim

A sophisticated and realistic virtual experience, MYSverse Sim offers serious roleplay with an educational twist. Engage in disciplined activities, requiring off-platform training and certification for a deeper immersive experience.

  • Bandaraya

    Released Sep 2020

    A faithful, detailed and entertaining rendition of Kuala Lumpur redeveloped, redesigned and expanded in-house as MYSverse's major roleplay hub with city gameplay.

  • Tentera

    Since 2016

    One of the original MYSverse roleplay agencies, the military community offers heavily-researched, authentic recreations of Malaysian Armed Forces assets and procedures utilised in dedicated mil-sim experiences.

  • Polis

    Since 2017

    The police roleplay community enforces virtual laws in MYSverse Sim experiences such as Bandaraya, conducting duties across disciplines in traffic, community policing, and high risk crime interventions.

  • Bomba

    Coming 2024

    The roleplay firefighters of MYSverse Sim use one of the platforms most detailed complement of fire equipment and vehicles to put out fires and perform rescue operations.

Our blog posts

Yes, we write too. The MYSverse Blog hosts some of the group's best writing talents and provides valuable insights into MYSverse history, and offers both a free and premium email newsletter to help keep everyone updated.

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For legal, commercial, collaborations, and other general enquiries. Our in-house development studio Hornbill Interactive is also open to any other metaverse-style projects on Roblox, with battle-tested community and development skills.

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